Trey Songz Attorneys File Motion To Dismiss Las Vegas Sexual Assault Case

Attorneys representing Trey Songz have filed a motion to dismiss the Las Vegas sexual assault lawsuit against him.

His attorneys allege that the Plaintiff’s lawyer has been tampering with a witness.

“Defendant Tremaine Neverson moves for sanctions against Plaintiff and her counsel for witness tampering,” reads a motion by Songz’s legal team obtained by Complex. “[Witness 1] is an independent witness who was with Plaintiff and Defendant during the entirety of the period relevant to Plaintiff’s claim. [Witness 1] states—by an affidavit attached to this Motion and through recorded statements that may be presented at an evidentiary hearing—that the assault described in the Complaint never happened.”


The alleged victim is named Jauhara Jeffries. Her attorney, Ariel Mitchell ​​​​​​ told TMZ that they “unequivocally denounce the allegations pled in Defendant Songz’s motion.”

Mitchell continued, “This is nothing more than bullying and an attempt to silence counsel and the many victims who have been assaulted by Defendant Songz and will be vigorously defended in court. I will further be exonerated as I was when this allegation was previously made by Defendant Songz’s prior attorney.”

Trey Songz is fighting off multiple sexual assault lawsuits right now.

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