Travis Barker Not Threatened By Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex Scott Disick

Scott Disick was exposed for talking badly about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker but Travis does not care.

“Travis knows that what he and Kourtney have is the real deal, so the whole Scott situation doesn’t make him feel threatened one bit. In all honesty, he’s not concerned at all with what Scott does with his life as long as he treats Kourtney and the kids with respect,” a source close to Travis told HollywoodLife.


Scott has been dating very young women for years, but now Kourtney has moved on and things are getting serious between her and Travis Barker. Scott seems salty about it.

 “Travis never would have gotten involved with Kourtney if he ever had any worries about her getting back together with Scott. That’s not even something that’s on his radar,” the source continued. “It’s no secret that Scott doesn’t like the fact that Travis and Kourtney are together, but Travis really doesn’t pay attention to Scott’s feelings because all he cares about is Kourtney’s happiness. Travis doesn’t have time for the drama so he’s just focused on his relationship with Kourtney and will let them work out whatever issues exist.”

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