Travie McCoy Says Heroin Addiction Ruined His Career

Gym Class Heroes rapper Travie McCoy says his heroin addiction ruined his music career.

“I was a professional bridge burner at one point. One, I never did drugs with anyone else. I’d always be isolated and I never wanted people to know that I was on drugs. But it’s hard for people to think you’re not doing drugs when you’re like drooling on yourself,” he told HNHH.

“It took one morning waking up and just going to my medicine cabinet and throwing my pills away and saying, like, ‘I’m choosing to live.’ I never thought I’d see 30, bro. Real talk. And I’m turning 40 next month. But that morning, I woke up like ‘I need help.’ That’s all it takes,” he continued.

“If there’s advice out there I can give to anybody going through what I went through — all it takes is to tell somebody you need help. Tell somebody you really trust that you need help and they’ll help you,” he said.


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