Transgender Woman EXPOSES Rapper Lil Uzi: He Wrote A Song About US’

Rapper Lil Uzi has been in the media lately – mainly for his relationship with City Girl rapper JT. Now MTO News has learned that a woman who is claiming to be his ex . . . is a TRANSGENDER!!

According to the new rumor, which was started by transgender woman, Nikita Dragun, Lil Uzi wrote a song about their relationship.

It all started with a viral video on social media where Nikita Dragun exposed Lil Uzi Vert and implied that the two had a relationship. She did so by filming herself listening to a line in Lil Uzi Vert’s “That’s a Rack” song. 

In the bar, Uzi says, “I was checking my DM’s found out she was a man, no no no. I can’t DM never again. Lucien on my vision that’s the only thing that’s tran“. 

Nikita Dragun captioned the post “I think [my current boyfriend] just realized Uzi wrote this line about me”.

Does this mean Lil Uzi Vert smashed Nikita Dragun? Or was he trying to and stopped when he found out she was man in his DMs? It’s also possible he was talking about completely different transgender woman, and Nikita Dragun is simply clout chasing? That said, it is an interesting line…..


Here are some pics of Nikita:

And this was Nikita – when she was a male:

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