Tr3yway Cofounder Billy Ado Says Wack 100 Is BANNED From Brooklyn!!

After Wack 100’s sitdown with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Tr3yway co-founder Billy Ado says that he is now banned from Brooklyn.


“I’m back out here in Brooklyn, New York, where Wack 100 cannot come. Wack 100, you cannot come to Brooklyn, New York. I called you out already, I disrespected you, I violated you with all of that sh*t, I made the post, you hit somebody up — I’m not gon’ say the person you hit up — and you said you wanted to fight me. Now you sayin’ you don’t wanna fight me. I got all the screenshots and all the DMs, Wack 100. I’ma give you one more opportunity to straighten your face like a man ’cause I’m gonna beat your ass,” he says in the clip.

He says Wack is a rat.

“You a pussy, you a bitch, you a rat and a rat lover, and n*ggas got no respect for you. You can’t come nowhere.”

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