Tourists Flock To Chicago’s Deadly O-Block; Cry Taking Selfies w/ THUGS On IG!!

Chicago is a city with a ton of tourist attractions. Now MTO News has learned that the city has a new attraction bringing in people from all over the world – O Block.

O Block is known as one of Chicago’s most deadly neighborhoods – it birthed rappers like Chief Keef, King Von, and Lil Durk and has the highest murder rate of any neighborhood in the United States.

But O block is also extremely famous on social media. The gang members and street thugs from the neighborhood frequently post videos on Instagram – and they are seen by millions around the world.

Yesterday, MTO News learned that a small group of tourists from the United Kingdom came to O Block, to meet some of their idols. The tourists “idols” were active gang members.

And the tourists were so excited to meet the street idols, that they started tearing up and crying. Here’s video:

Amazingly, MTO News learned that the street goons did not rob the tourists – who came wearing jewelry and expensive clothes. Instead, the gangsters seemed flattered by the attention, and actually posed for pictures with the teary eyed tourists.

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