Tory Lanez: N*ggas Played Me & Betrayed Me!!

Tory Lanez posted a tweet claiming that he feels he’s been played and betrayed.

“It’s a time where I feel like a lot of n*ggas played me and betrayed me … and on top of that .. I just got out a crazy break up ……the music bout to be stupid ‍♂️ ‍♂️ FARGO ,” he tweeted.

He did not say who he was speaking about.

Last month, Tory Lanez claimed that Megan Thee Stallion’s team is forcing her to lie.

“They used this narrative to separate black women from black men. They made it so the protection of a black woman suddenly meant the unprotecting of black man….. Funny cuz it was right when for the first time we were all somewhat standing together for the same cause,” he tweeted.

“They lied to someone I thought was my friend .. they coerced her into digging a hole that’s now going to look crazy to the whole community she riled up . She’s not at fault .they are . And it’s sad cuz they truly don’t care what happens to her when it’s all said and done …”

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