Tory Lanez Hints Again At Legal Win: They Lied For A Lil Season!!

Tory Lanez has posted again on social media hinting at a win in court.

The singer posted a picture of himself smiling. The post was captioned: “Smiling for a real reason ….They lied for a lil season …..But the times coming , they gone owe me back for all the meals eaten “

Hours before, he posted another image from the same photoshoot with the caption:

“All my hoes moving on 

My money still stupid long

My artist recouping strong

Love and money was the stupid chase that we on

Now I’m flying grandma to exclusive places we own – Fargo “

Earlier this month, he posted “Just got off the phone with my lawyer” with a middle finger emoji and some smileys.

The singer then uploaded a photo of himself with the caption, “Congratulations… Celebration ….blah blah blah … see where I’m going with this.”

Megan Thee Stallion has not responded to his social media posts.

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