Tory Lanez Addresses Meek Mill Beef On ‘Mucky James’

Tory Lanez released new song “Mucky James” on Youtube where he rapped about what went down between him and Meek Mill.

“Meek Mill, he used to be my dawg, he did some flaw sh*t to me/And when I brought it up, lil’ cuh wouldn’t even talk about it/Ain’t beefin’ with you cuh, I swear I’m more hurt than anything/I’m at this point in life where I don’t stress the petty thing/Sometimes I think ’bout Kehlani and how we ended things/When I express myself I know that I can choose my words lil’ better,” he rapped.

The Canadian rapper also touched on his legal issues with Megan Thee Stallion:

“They try to blackball me for money, but I ain’t goin’ out/I told myself I’ll stop this bullsh*t and not speak up more … I can’t lie temporarily that bitch came and ruined sh*t/They can’t beliеve I’m back poppin’, I’m out here doin’ sh*t. Hеy, Tory, stop talking ’bout it, I wish I could but dawg /I’m only human, sometimes that sh*t be gettin’ to me.”

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