Top NYC Rapper CJ Whoopty Beat Up; Accused Of Being ‘Fake’ Blood! (Vid)

New York rapper CJ  is riding one of the biggest waves in hip hop these days. His hit song Whoopty is one of the biggest songs in the world. Unfortunately for CJ though, MTO News has learned that the rapper is coming under pressure from the Bloods.

CJ is seen in the Whoopty video with a bunch of men carrying red flags, who appear to be affiliated with the Bloods gang.

Now Bloods gang leaders are upset that CJ used Blood, or Brim, imagery in his video – without their explicit permission.

Here’s one gang leader, who is currently in prison, explaining how he’s upset with CJ for “fake” claiming his set.

Gang members first confronted CJ over social media, asking him to stop pretending to be a member of the Bloods. CJ told the gang members that he was never “pretending” to be anything. According to CJ, the only gang that he bangs is “WHR8PTY” – the name of his song.

That explanation wasn’t good enough, and MTO News learned that a group of gang members pulled up on CJ, and beat him up last week. 

The gang members recorded the beating and posted it on social media. It’s currently going viral.

Here is the video:

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