Tom Segura On Jada Pinkett Smith: The B*tch BEEN Bald!!

Comedian Tom Segura is siding with Chris Rock and his alopecia joke, and says Jada Pinkett Smith should buy a wig.

“The bitch BEEN bald. Jokes about it or her are FINE. It was tame AF. You super sensitive about it? Buy a F*CKIN WIG,” he tweeted.

Twitter lit up his replies section but he doubled down on his joke:

“Lots of sensitive folks in my mentions. I’d like to remind you all to suck my d*ck. It’s a little sensitive too”

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock after he made a joke about Jada’s bald head. Jada has alopecia but Rock didn’t know.

Comedian Steve Harvey thinks Smith will faces several bans.

“There’s gonna be some type of banning from the Oscars of Will Smith,” Harvey said. “Because look, they took Kanye off the Grammys for saying a racial slur about Trevor Noah. They took him off the Grammys. The Oscars is all Hollywood is about. It’s their biggest moment. And for you to do that on their biggest moment, on their biggest night? Denzel told him right, ‘In your biggest moment is when the devil comes for you.’ You should have handled that totally different, man.”

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