Tom Cruise’s Front Teeth Allegedly Knocked Out By One Of His Kids!!

Tom Cruise reportedly had his front teeth knocked out after one of his kids accidentally kicked him in the face.

In Showtime’s docuseries Gossip about Page Six, Col Allan, the former Editor in Chief of the New York Post, claimed he had dinner with Cruise during the early stages of his relationship with Katie Holmes.

Allan says that during a dinner with the Hollywood star, Tom’s front teeth fell out of his mouth and onto the tablecloth.

He said, “The face that’s on posters all over the world, good looking guy, and there are his front teeth,” Allan said he was “speechless.”


Tom then asked, “Oh my god, have you seen my teeth?” before the editor showed him where his teeth were.

He says Cruise begged with him not to say anything. His editor wanted to run the story but he convinced her not to. Cruise is very protective of his career, so he may not be appreciate of the story coming out.. even now.

“Gossip” is currently airing on Showtime!

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