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Tokyo Toni: I’m Not Proud Of What Blac Chyna Has Accomplished!!

Tokyo Toni and Blac Chyna’s relationship is up and down — but Tokyo says that despite her daughter’s success… she’s not proud of what she has accomplished.

“It’s the devil, it’s the devil,” she told Taska K. “We’re nothing alike. She mimicked me, just like Nicki Minaj did, just like Cardi B and everybody else. Mimicked me. But there’s only one of me, how about that?”

Toni continued: “No, it’s one of me and it’s one of her in which we’re two individuals on two different paths — not of love, but of every day,” she said.


 “No, I’m not [proud of her]. I’m saddened by [what she’s accomplished] because I know why she received it. She couldn’t receive the same things without doing the things she’s done by hurting people. By hurting her nannies, by hurting her friends, by embarrassing her family, by hurting her mother. So, to accomplish all of these things and have all that put on the line, no I’m not. But on the other side of it, I’m very proud that she has the things that she has. She don’t have to sell ass and she ain’t gotta go strip. So, on that tip, Mama proud, baby.”

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