Tisha Campbell Claims Almost Almost Got ‘Snatched’ By S*x Traffickers  – Twitter Says ‘CAP’

Tisha Campbell Is going viral on social media, after she told fans that she was nearly “kidnapped” by s*x traffickers. But MTO News has learned that her story is starting to fall apart, and many are wondering whether Tisha was mistaken – or worse, lying, about the incident.

According to Tisha, she was filming on location for her new film in South Texas, by the Mexican border, and when it was time to leave the hotel, she ordered a taxi. According to her, two”taxi drivers” showed up in a beat up van and appeared suspicious. When they asked her to get into the car, her intuition said that she could be in danger – so she refused.

Tasha didn’t call the police, MTO News has learned . .. but she did call Instagram Live.

Then Tisha took to social media, and claimed that the men who arrived in the taxi were not taxi drivers – but “s*x traffickers” who were trying to kidnap the 53 year old actress and sell her into prostitution.

Coincidentally, Tisha’s new film is about human trafficking – and Tisha has been talking with trafficking expert Toni Rivera during the filming.

Listen to Tisha telling her story:

Many on social media don’t believe that Tisha provided enough evidence to accuse the men of being traffickers. Here are some of the comments:

I understand women of all ages can be in danger bc of depraved men BUT I don’t believe this story. if they wanted tisha they could have just snatched her ass up if it were that serious. 

My instincts are seldom wrong, and I don’t believe her.

I just want to know how she was so sure that they were sex traffickers – not robbers, rapists, or murderers. Why traffickers?

Is she currently on drugs?

Black Twitter is currently ROASTING poor Tisha . . . 

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