‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Has Been Taken To The Hospital 43 Times Since Being Incarcerated


Tiger King star Joe Exotic says he’s had to be taken to the hospital 43 times since he’s been in prison.

The star has cancer.

“I’m losing weight real bad and the sores in my mouth are unbearable to live with all the time. But you know, in the three-and-a-half years that I’ve been in custody, I’ve been taken to the hospital 43 times,” he said on Nightline. “I have little to no immune system and then they have to give me blood infusions every four weeks. Juju, I don’t see me walking out of here alive.”

He continued, “You have no windows. It’s just a concrete room with no enrichment. No TV, no radio, no nothing. You cannot in America put a monkey in a cage, according to the Animal Welfare Act, and treat them like this.”

A judge recently reduced his sentence by just a year. He will have to spend 21 years in prison for trying to hire somebody to kill his rival Carole Baskin.


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