Tiffany Haddish Flips Out After McDonald’s Employee Won’t Allow Her To Use The Restroom

Tiffany Haddish fumed on social media after a McDonald’s employee refused to allow the Hollywood star to use the restroom.

“I went in there just so I could use the restroom and I wanted to buy something. The Lady said, ‘No you can’t use the restroom, the restroom isn’t working’. I said ‘Can I use the men’s restroom?’ She said ‘No you can’t use the men’s restroom and besides you have to be a customer,” Haddish explained.

Haddish then says she offered to buy $100 worth of food from the restaurant, but was still refused entry.


“She looked stressed the f*ck out, life is not easy, I get it, but damn. I hope it happen to her. I hope one day she got to pee so bad that the B**ch pee on herself. But her co-workers she was nice. She was like, ‘Oh there’s a Burger King across the street.’ I said ‘Bet, I’m going straight to Burger King.’ Burger King let me use their restroom,” she continued.

“I went and spent some money at Burger King. I ain’t even supposed to be eating this sh*t right now, but I’m about to f*ck this fish sandwich up. I say don’t go to the Mcdonald’s on Eastern because there’s a hateful lady that work there. Her life is not good. Not good at all.”

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