Three ‘Demons’ Accused Of Shooting . . . Then R*ping . . . Then Killing Beautiful Teenager!!

Three people are in police custody and charged with capital murder after authorities say that they shot, kidnapped and and then r*ped a teenage girl, leaving her dead.

The Jackson Police Department held a press briefing Friday afternoon with Deputy Chief Deric Hearn announcing the arrests and details of the grisly crime.

The three suspects involved in the murder are Dewitt Anderson, 34, Cedric Banks, 37, and Kaymia Blackmon, 19.

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Authorities described the incident which they say occurred on Tuesday, February 15 – when police found a dead female body, which had been shot multiple times.

On March 24, detectives were notified by the coroner’s office that the girl had been identified as 18-year-old Amya Carey – a beautiful recent high school graduate.

According to Amiya’s family members, the teenage beauty was picking up a friend: Kaymia Blackmon, who was with her boyfriend, Dewitt Anderson.

They went to several locations that night, and at one of them, the three suspects all tried to have sex with Amiya. The 18 year old refused, and began fighting for her life.

Dewitt reportedly picked up a gun and shot Amiya – that’s when things got really dark. With the teenager severely wounded, they placed Amiya inside a car and while they drove, one of them r*ped her as she bled to death from the gunshot wound.

Amiya was shot two more times by Dewitt and her body was dumped on the side of the road. Police said they do not know if the teenager was dead or alive when she was assaulted in the vehicle.

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