Thirsty Men Drop $100K In Woman’s Commissary . . . After Pics On FACEBOOK!!

Nyla Murrell-French, a 22-year-old female prison inmate serving a seven-year prison sentence at an adult detention center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is going viral – and now she’s RICH, MTO News has learned. 

Nyla is serving time in prison for stabbing a woman in the neck during a 2018 gas station altercation. 

Nyla – who has access to her Facebook page while in prison – posted a new photo on page over the weekend, and she went viral.

Then it happened. MTO News learned that Nyla’s friend posted a link to an online payment service – which allows people to send money to her commissary.

The friend told MTO News, “It blew up. Men sent her about $100,000. It was so much that the prison flagged her account.”

According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections, state inmates are NOIT limited in the amount of commissary they can receive. Here’s what the website sates:

Incarcerated people do not need money for their day-to-day needs while incarcerated. Each facility provides all of the essential food, clothing and medical care necessary. However, there may be some personal care items and toiletries they may wish to purchase on his or her own. Additionally, they can buy snacks and items such as TV’s, radios and hot pots at the facility canteen.

A cost of confinement surcharge and, if applicable, a restitution surcharge will be deducted from funds received.

It’s not clear when the funds will be available for Nyla.

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