The Kidd Creole Found Guilty In Stabbing Death Of Homeless Man!

The Kidd Creole formerly a member of the hip hop pioneer group, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, has been found guilty in the 2017 stabbing death of a homeless man in New York City. 

According to prosecutors, the incident occurred when The Kidd Creole walked past a homeless man and the two had words. The Kidd Creole upset by the exchange, turned around and confronted the man. He then stabbed him twice in the torso with a steak knife. Minutes later, the homeless man’s bloody body was found by a group of tourists .

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The Kidd then went to his office which was about two blocks away, changed his clothes and cleaned the knife. In a further attempt to cover up the attack, he got on the subway and threw the knife in the sewer.

The homeless man who was discovered by tourists was taken to the hospital for treatment where he later died. 

The Kidd Creole was tried in New York Supreme Court before a jury and found guilty of first degree mansluaghter. He will be sentenced on May 4th

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