The Game’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Says He Created ‘Shell Companies’ To Avoid Paying Her


The Game’s sexual assault victim who was awared $7.1 million by a judge years ago for his behavior on reality television show.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Priscilla Rainey has been trying to collect the money for years. To date, she has only collected $258,058 from The Game but is still owed $6,872,041. 

Rainey accuses the rapper’s manager Cash M. Jones of owning a record label named 5th Amendment.

She claims that 5th Amendment received $905k owed to The Game since 2017 and she also says that the rapper runs the LLC named JTT Holdings where $342k was sent from his company to JTT Holdings in 2019.


She accuses Jones of helping The Game redirect money so she can’t get her hands on it. The deed to the rapper’s home was transferred into Jones name even though he lives there.

The Game also transferred the rights to his royalties to Jones and even his trademark his now owned by his manager. 

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