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The Game Says He Has Still Not Paid Priscilla Rainey Her $7 Million!!

The Game was ordered by a judge to pay Priscilla Rainey $7 million for sexual miscoduct she suffered during the filming of his reality show.

The rapper has still not paid it.

“Let’s normalize being normal. You don’t need a Chanel bag or a BBL to be considered beautiful & feel like you’re more of a woman,” he wrote.

“And my n*ggas, working a regular job & driving a cool lil whip is still cool af to me. Stop letting this social media sh*t f*ck y’all heads up !!!” 

Somebody then asked whether the rapper had paid the $7 million. He responded:

 “Nope, n he ain’t…,” he wrote.

The judgment was ordered in 2016.

To avoid paying Rainey, the rapper allegedly signed over his royalty money to his manager, Wack 100.


The Game’s managers says that he is the one who actually owns his royalties, not the rapper.

So her legal fight may be far from over.

“Last time I checked #Wack owned all royalties to born to Rap . ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ And I don’t owe the b*tch a dime … When the #CDC # has their # who knows maybe I might lose in a dice game one day … But as of right now Today it’ll be right here in my little ole profolio,” Wack wrote last April.

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