The Game Says 50 Cent Is Not Responsible For His Career Blowing Up


The Game has denied claims that 50 Cent blew his career up.

“I was in a group with those n*ggas, but I wasn’t breaking peanut butter jelly sandwiches in half with [them]. I didn’t see them n-ggs until it was time to work. A lot of people like, ‘N*gga, 50 put you on.’ No, 50 did not put me on,” he says.

“People don’t understand that. At that time in L.A., I was it. I was the n*gga. That’s why Jimmy [Iovine] took me and told 50 he was putting me in G-Unit. And 50 accepted it because my name was ringing bells in the streets of Hip Hop.”

Weeks ago, 50 clowned The Game after Iovine passed him at a ball game and did not acknowledge him.

“N*gga, I ain’t even see Mr. Burns,” The Game wrote in response. “If you wrote my records … write you one today and put it out n*gga! Your rap career died wit them loli pop strap tank tops … you a actor, [and] that’s why you ran to tv […] leave this rap sh*t to n*ggas who can spell correctly and actually got bars, goofy n*gga!”

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