The Game Denies Scamming Upcoming Artists


The Game has responded to allegations that he ripped off upcoming artists.

According to an Instagram post from The Foo Community, the rapper is seen allegedly sliding into random rappers’ direct messages, offering them a placement on one of his SoundCloud mixtapes in exchange for $500 to $1,000.

“He doesn’t upload on his verified SoundCloud account, he uploads on a separate account with only 266 followers,” the post alleges. “In addition, he doesn’t market it on Instagram or Facebook, nor makes an appearance on any on the songs.”

The Game says he’s not a scammer.

“Trillz came to me and said he had a unique opportunity for underground artists,” the multi-platinum OG tells DX. “I was once an underground artist, so I understand it. No one services underground artists and unsigned artists in the manner that he and I do. No one cares, right? You find Lil Baby by chance and he blows up, but what about everybody else? So what Trillz has created with me and other artists is just a sort of engine to power you in the early stages of your career. What it would have meant to me to have a video drop from Ludacris in the beginning of my career,” he explained to HHDX.

He added, “So when someone that doesn’t happen with some unsigned artists, well that person is mad, right? Because they thought that this drop or this mixtape slot was going to change their lives, when in reality it’s just a step on the ladder. Use it as you may and get as much as you can off of it, but it’s not going to make you DaBaby. Basically, I’m just trying to uplift artists with dope opportunities.”

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