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The Game Challenges Jake & Logan Paul To A Fight!!

The Game is the latest celebrity queueing up to fight Jake and Logan Paul -- but he doesn't want to fight in front of the cameras.

"Yerrr, @jakepaul, @LoganPaul .... meet me & my little brother downtown LA in front of staples center and let's just fight head up fades.... no gloves, no money needed.... just on some me & my brother will f*ck you & your brother up sh*t !!!!" he tweeted.

"Hate it or love it, you would get knocked the f*ck out," Jake wrote, adding that the rapper would need his "entire family" to take them on.

After recently beating former UFC pro Ben Askren, Jake has a perfect 3-0 record. His brother Logan is set to fight Floyd Mayweather next month. Floyd has challenged both of them, but after Jake took his hat and received a black eye for his trouble... they now have 24/7 security and Jake has been banned from his brother's upcoming fight.