The Dealership Puts Saweetie’s REPO’D Bentley Up For Sale On Ebay!! (PICS)

On Christmas Quavo gifted a brand new $300,000 Bentley to his then-girlfriend Saweetie. But after she broke up with him, MTO News learned that Quavo had the car – which he was leasing – repossessed and returned to the dealership.

Now MTO News has confirmed that the dealership is putting up Saweetie’s car for sale.

Here’s a video of Saweetie, when she was first gifted the $300,000 car:

Saweetie and Quavo had a very messy break two months ago, after Saweetie claimed that she caught the Migos rapper cheating. So Saweetie, in true Icy Girl fashion, dumped Quavo publicly on Twitter.

Quavo decided to get back at her. Less than a day after Saweetie dumped him, the Migos rapper sent the repo trucks to her house and took possession of her Bentley, which was in Quavo’s name.

Now MTO News learned that the dealership is auctioning off the car on Ebay, hoping to get the highest price for Saweetie’s former vehicle.

Here’s a pic of the car, now for sale on Ebay by the Los Angeles dealership where it was leased:

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