‘That 70’s Show’ Actress Tanya Roberts NOT Dead!!

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Tanya Roberts, star from That 70’s Show, had passed away.

A rep from her camp confirmed the news — but on Monday, it was revealed that the actress is not dead — and is very much alive.

A day after releasing a statement saying that the 65-year-old former Bond girl had died, her rep Mike Pingel said he had been mistaken.

According to Pingel, Roberts’ longtime partner, Lance O’Brien, had informed him of her passing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.


“[Pingel] goes, ‘What happened?’ And I say, ‘I just said goodbye to Tanya, and I got to see her beautiful eyes one last time.’ And after that, I’m just blubbering,” O’Brien said per Page Six. “Next thing I know, TMZ, OMG, is on my cell phone.”

O’Brien claims he believed his girlfriend had died — until he received a phone call from the hospital. “For all intents and purposes, she was gone,” O’Brien said. “She’s been out of it the last three days.”

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