Terry Crews Says He’s Happy He’s Not Invited To The Cookout

Terry Crews was uninvited to the cookout last year after he made crazy comments about Black Supremacy and embraced being called a “coon.”

For no reason, he decided to tweet that he’s happy he got booted out of the Black community.

“The best thing about being uninvited to the cookout… Is you never drank the koolaid,” he said.

And Twitter dragged him.

“Womp womp…no worries, we gave your cookout spot to Jack Harlow long ago…you have not been missed,” somebody wrote.

A follower wrote, “If you enjoy not having any Black friends, just say so. Spare us the dog whistles, and let me continue confusing you with Lester Speight and mentally inserting him into your role in Everybody Hates Chris. How sad are you to intentionally antagonize Black people…”

Crews says he still has Black friends.

“What are you talking about? I have plenty of Black friends,” he responded. “My tweet was my response to not being invited back to the Expendables, although I wish them well.”

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