Terrence J Wears Sneakers During Sex

Terrence J admitted to wearing sneakers during sex because he has horrible feet.

“Some of us don’t have great feet. I wear sneakers when I have sex,” he said on The Wendy Williams Show.

“I know why you wear it, because you like to have that stance,” said Bevy Smith.

“I gotta have that grip..I gotta have the grip!” he said jokingly.

In November, the host made the blogs after he escaped a robbery by a gang of “follow-home” robbers who were shooting at him.

The incident took place in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, just before 3 a.m. Terrence and a passenger pulled up to his home when they suddenly were blocked in by an SUV filled with masked men.

They ordered him to exit his vehicle but he says he managed to drive off. They followed and began to shoot at him. The actor spotted a California Highway Patrol car and flagged police down for help.

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