Terrence Howard ‘We Have To Respect’ Jussie Smollett Guilty Verdict

Empire star Terrence Howard says that we all have to respect the decision of the jury in Jussie Smollet’s hate crime hoax trial.

“It’s interesting, it’s an uncomfortable question because anyone that’s aware of the show or my relationship with Jussie would know that Jussie is, for six years, he was my son. He was my son that I had the most difficulty with on that show as far as the character world goes. So, you end up getting very close to individuals that you have the most struggle with. Whose characters you have the most struggle with,” he said on the Mark My Words radio show.


He continued: “They judged him and found him guilty, twelve of them that judged from a completely unbiased position… You have to respect that,” said Howard.

Jussie’s team have already said they plan to appeal the conviction. The actor says he’s innocent and did not stage the racist attack to get a pay raise.

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