Terrell Owens Wants To Replace Antonio Brown

The Bucs released Antonio Brown after his meltdown last week and now Terrell Owens says he wants to replace him.

“At the end of the day, I know that I can do it,” Owens said.” When you think about this country and what it’s based off of, we are supposed to be a country of second, third, whatever chances. Look at the chances AB had … Who’s to say that I can’t go out there and do it?”

Owens says he has what it takes for a solid comeback.

“If you think about where they are in the season, they don’t need me for a 16-game season,” Owens said. “Three to four games at the max. So, yes, I feel like I can go in, I can contribute at a high level and can be productive.”

Brown threw off his equipment and walked off the field mid-game after refusing to go on. The head coach confirmed after the game that he is “no longer a Buc.”

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