Teen On Instagram Shows Off The LUXURIOUS LIFE He Lives Inside Prison!!

Life inside prisons these days isn’t what it used to be. And one popular 19 year old on Instagram is showing that you still can live a life of luxury, while inside prison walls.

The private Ig page, which MTO News will not reveal, shows the 19 year old inmate enjoying things that you would never imagine would be in prison.

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The prison system in the United States has gone through considerable transformation in recent years, in order to give inmates more “rights.” But the images that MTO News discovered and are being posted on Instagram – are shocking.

In one picture the teen was seen sharing a box of KFC with one of his homies, in another the inmate sits next to a refrigerator in his cell – filled with food and snacks.


And in another image – which MTO determines is the most surprising – the inmate is seen sitting in his cell, near what appears to be close to half a pound of what appears to be marijuana.

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