Teen Boy Explains In Graphic Detail .  . . How R Kelly Allegedly ‘Took My Booty’!!

Last week, news broke that two teenage boys are coming forward and claiming to have been sexually assaulted by R&B legend R Kelly. Well MTO News now has more details, and they are pretty disturbing.

According to court documents, the alleged victim (John Doe #1) recently came forward to speak to investigators. And now that his testimony has been circulating online, Twitter trolls have been circulating the phrase “took my booty” to refer to R Kelly’s assault.

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The victim – who is African American – told them that R Kelly approached him in December 2006 at a local McDonalds. The man said Kelly invited him back to a party at his home in Chicago.

He went to the party but brought family members which Kelly didn’t like. Doe #1 said Kelly “advised him to come without them to the next gathering.”

He says Kelly then told him to come to the recording studio “under the guise of helping and mentoring John Doe #1 with his musical aspirations.”

While at the studio, Kelly allegedly asked Doe #1 what he was willing “to do to succeed in the music business and clarified that he wanted John Doe #1 to engage in sexual contact with Kelly.”

The alleged victim says Kelly then had sex with Doe. And there’s more. The feds say Doe #1 then had him recruit his 17-year-old friend John Doe #2 for Kelly to also have sex with. John Doe #2 said Kelly started a sexual relationship with him years later.

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