TDE’s Punch Goes Off On DJ Vlad


TDE President Punch went off on DJ Vlad for an interview he did with battle rapper Daylyt.

“Aye champ (@djvlad) These headlines you use are very deceptive and misleading. I get it, you need something catchy for the bait, but be careful, it can be damaging. Also don’t even question what I do in that matter and with that tone. Black people are in general, super creative and innovative and can do more than one thing (and at a high level),” he wrote.

“Basically we can chew gum and walk at the [same] time my guy. I can create a marketing plan with SZA and then go rap with AROOMFULLOFMIRRORS.”

The interview was titled: “Daylyt on Getting with TDE After TDE President Punch Rapped on His Song,” but there didn’t seem to be anything too shady about the clip.

Vlad has been called out by several rappers over the years. He has been called problematic and even the feds. But to his credit, he continues to produce compelling content.

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