Tank Defends Travis Scott: This Happens At All Festivals!!

Tank has defended Travis Scott who keeps getting hit with lawsuits and losing bags following the deaths at Astroworld.

“The kid is known for mosh pits and rage energy at his shows. If this is not for you then you shouldn’t be there. Anybody underage for sure should second guess attending and being in the crowd,” he wrote. “This happens at ALL FESTIVALS!! There’s not enough security and now enough people in the crowd who care about other peoples well being. If the promoter and head of security felt like this concert was out of hand from the beginning they should’ve stopped it before it got started.”

Tanks says the corporations should be blamed and not Travis.

“As a performer it is my assumption that security and the promoter have done their due diligence in order for us to have a safe and successful show.Crowd control and security isn’t my job. Entertaining is. If i can clearly see something bad is happening then i will address is but if there are 50k people HOW CAN I SEE THAT?? [face palm emoji].”


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