Tamera Mowry DRAGGED On Social Media; For Being ‘Radical’ Republican!!

Tamera Mowry, formerly of The Real, has a PR problem on her hands. Some on social media are associating her with the Alt-Right movement, causing many of her former fans to hope that she gets “canceled,”  MTO News has learned.

The Alt-right is a radical fringe of the Republican Party, which promotes ideas that many believe are White supremacist in nature and racist. So it’s very surprising that anyone would associate Tamera, who is half-Black, with the organization.


Her social media critics also provide no evidence for their belief that she is connected to the group and seem to be dragging her because of her husband. Tamera’s husband, Adam Housley, used to work for Fox News and appeared to be a hard-core Trump supporter.

He also promoted unfounded “vote-stealing” conspiracies theories shortly after it was clear that Trump had lost the 2020 election.

Here are just a few of the posts that had Tamera as a worldwide trending topic on Twitter today:

So what triggered this sudden interest in Tamera Mowry’s political believes. Well, it turns out that Beyonce sent special Ivy Park packages to people that she respected in the industry.

Bey sent a care package to Tia Mowry (Tamer’s sister), but not to Tamera. Fans claimed that Bey’s choice to exclude Tamera was because of Tamera’s alleged radical political views.

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