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Tamara Mowry's Husband Goes NUTS After Trump Loss; Claims Election Fraud!

Talk show host Tamra Mowry's husband is making news, and not in a good way. Her husband Adam Housley is a former Fox News "reporter" who often aligns himself with far-right personalities and ideology.

Consequently, Adam has long been suspected of being a Trump supporter and a backer of other racist republican politicians.


Suspicions were confirmed this week when Adam began spreading unsupported claims of "voter fraud" on social media after it became clear that Trump was losing the election, MTO News has learned. Adam began his remarks as soon as Trump's vote totals in two states slipped - perhaps made in hopes of getting votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania invalidated.


Tamera Mowry's fans, many of whom are African American began blasting the couple with many wondering how she can remain married to someone who openly supports patently racist politicians.

MTO News has learned that the phrase "Tamera Divorce Adam" was used so much - that it began trending.