T-Pain Wants People To Stop Celebrating Black History Month

T-Pain wants people to stop celebrating Black History Month.

“It’s always been f*cked up, it’s been f*cked up for hella years,. We take it how we’ve been taking it. We going to make changes, look towards the future and stop looking at the past and we’ll make a change,” he told TMZ.

 “It ain’t gonna stop unless we have our own sh*t. Just because we’re HBCUs don’t mean it ain’t owned by someone else. We know what we’ve done, lets make our own sh*t and we can get in wherever the f*ck we want to,” he continued.

“Stop celebrating,” he added. “Although we celebrate Black History Month, I think we should just have history. They overshot it. We don’t want our own sh*t, you’re separating us again. We want to be part of history and not just one month of it. Like we want to be part of history, don’t celebrate one month for us. I’d rather everybody stop celebrating that sh*t and just let us be part of history and not just, ‘y’all get paid attention to on the shortest month of the year.'”

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