T.I. Makes His Debut As A Stand-Up Comedian

T.I. made his debut as a stand-up comedian this month.

A video that surfaced online showed him trying out a few jokes. Comedians usually hit small comedy clubs to try out their jokes before taking them to a bigger platform.

Last week, Tip was in the headlines for claiming there were only a few rappers who could match him bar for bar.

“Motherf*ckers can’t f*ck with me in no way, shape, form, or fashion when it comes to doing no music, man,” he said .

Tip believes only Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye can take him. “I got a lot of other shit going on so I don’t do music like on no consistent basis. I don’t depend on that sh*t to feed me, you hear me? But when you’re talking ’bout doing music, when you’re talking ’bout cutting records, n*gga, you talking ’bout putting sh*t out, talking ’bout making shit that’s better than anything out there, man, ain’t nobody fucking with me. Nobody f*cking with me, bruh.”


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