T.I. Gets Booed Off Stage At Comedy Show!!

T.I. was booed off stage at a recent comedy performance.

The rapper joked about a woman he’s dating who many or may not be for the streets before joking about having relations with somebody’s mom and the crowd did not find him funny.

T.I. then got mad at the Brooklyn crowd.

“Well, got damn. I’m a tell y’all muthaf*ckin ass like this. Y’all got one more mutherf*ckin album out of me. It’s called Kill the King. For muthaf*ckers like you. And I appreciate y’all cause you make me the absolute best,” he said.

On IG Live. he claims he enjoyed the show:

 “Yes! I loved it. I didn’t feel like they were booing me. I felt like they were booing me as, ‘I dare you to be more funny, I dare you to overcome this. I dare you to do better.’ I feel like that’s what they challenged me to do and I did it. […] I don’t care what they show, bruh, ’cause I ain’t seeking nobody’s validation,” he added. “I’m not here for nobody else’s approval. I don’t give a damn.”

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