T.I. Denies Drugging Allegations Once Again: Stupid People Listen To Stupid People!!

In a recent interview, T.I. once again addressed rumors that he and his wife drugged women and either sexually assaulted them or trafficked them.

“Listen man, that sh*t don’t hurt me,” told Big Bank.

“That sh*t got sent to the feds,” T.I. says after stating none of the allegations were true. “They sent that sh*t to GBI. I trust every legal faculty to do their job.” 

“To be honest with you bro, stupid people listen to stupid people. It’s simple as that. The name of the show is Big Facts. You show me one motherf*ckin’ big fact on the subject and we can have this discussion. This sh*t started January 29th.”

He continued, “You go to any superstar’s house or any kind of private gathering, you’re going to sign [an NDA]. Privacy and anonymity must be held in high regard. That don’t mean nobody doing anything.” 

T.I. later adds, “Motherf*ckers want me to be a creep so f*cking bad. Where’d that come from? A Peepin-Tom ass muthaf*cka. An old under-the-bed-sniffin’-socks muthaf*cka. I ain’t never presented myself as nuthin’ but a playa. I don’t understand where this narrative came from.”

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