T.I. Confronts Godfrey For Coming For His Comedy

T.I. confronted Godfrey after the comedian said that he did not believe the rapper could stand on a stage with him.

“It was not the point of you saying you weren’t going to come see me… it’s it’s the tone in which it was a very condescending tone and it was really to me kind of like again, I’ll say it was a different person than the person I met backstage and I felt like any kind of discomfort you may have felt, and if I crossed the line I felt like you would have said that then,” T.I. said on the call.

“I’m not a two-faced dude first off and that’s why I said I need to talk to you right away, let’s talk face to face,” responded Godfrey. “That’s why I apologized at the top.. It’s just the way comedians talk and i’m not dissing you at all because there’s motherf*ckers that have been dissing you like ‘why the f*ck is he doing comedy in the first place’… As soon as they said ‘well T.I. made a video’ I said I bet you it’s the sh*t I said on the podcast and they miss misconstrued it. People are going to twist my words.”

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