T.I. Claps Back At Godfrey For Calling Saying He’s Not A Comedian

T.I. responded to Godfrey’s comments in a recent interview that he refused to go and watch the rapper’s recent stand-up show because he says T.I. is “not a comedian.”

Godfrey says he does not watch people who are not better at what he does, and even though T.I. is taking it seriously… he’s not there yet.

T.I. clapped back:

“I’m not your opponent,” he said, adding that he told the audience that he is “not a comedian,” but “a superstar,” T.I. said that he has been rapping since he was 8 years old and that it took him two decades years to reach the heights of fame he’s reached and he’s not looking to start over in a different lane.

“That’s why I’m King of the South today, because I took it that serious,” said T.I. “They said I couldn’t do it.” 


Is T.I. right? Is Godfrey trippin’ or nah? Let us know in the comments section.

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