Surgeon Sues PEPA From Salt N Pepa For $676K: Non-Payment Of Booty Surgery!

Salt-N-Pepa star Sandra Denton is being hit with a new $676,000 lawsuit over alleged unpaid plastic surgery work – in particular booty replacement surgeries, MTO News has learned

Top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah is asking Denton cough up $676,675 for his services. The doctor filed a lien on Pepa’s current lawsuit against Uber over a car crash she was in last year. According to the court docs, that MTO News obtained, the doctor claims that Pepa got multiple booty replacement surgeries – and never paid her bill.

The doctor claims that in 2019 he gave Pepa a series of costly procedures to remove a bunch of injections and implants that Denton had inserted into her buttocks previously.

But Pepa is firing back. She filed a negligence lawsuit against the doctor – claiming that he pressured her into unnecessary procedures which caused her butt to harden up. According to Pepa, the doctor originally convinced her to replace her butt implants with smaller implants. She claims Dr. Sayah also performed liposuction on her that went bad which forced her to have another corrective surgery.

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Pepa is reportedly close to settling a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Uber for a July 2018 car accident.

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