Summer Walker’s ‘SLAVE’ Record Leak; Gets Just $600 Per Million Streams!!

Summer Walker is upset with the amount of money she gets from her music contract, MTO News has learned. And the details of her contract just leaked, which are pretty unbelievable.

According to the numbers researched y MTO News, Summer makes just $600 for each million streams of her songs. 

Summer Walker made a sizzling entrance on the Billboard 200 albums chart with her first studio album, Over It in 2019. The set was released on Oct. 4 via LVRN/Interscope Records and logged the biggest week, in terms of units earned, for an R&B album by a female artist in over three years – 154 million streams.

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But that 154 million streams amounted to less than $100,000 for Summer.

 Here are the details of her contract from Rolling Stone:

The draft outline of Walker’s deal with LVRN and Interscope stipulated that she would have received just $110,000 as an initial advance. (The number increases for subsequent albums.) The proposed royalty rate for her debut and its follow-up was 16% — meaning she would take home just 16 cents out of every dollar she generates once she has recouped her advance.

And more:

 LVRN’s 2017 deal with Walker was hardly artist-friendly, according to more than half a dozen music managers and lawyers who reviewed a draft from when the contract was negotiated. Many managers raised objections about the deal terms, and several said they would not advise their own clients to agree to them. More than one described the draft deal as “brutal,” citing terms such as the advance payment and the royalty.

Here are the splits that Summer Walker gets from each streaming platform that MTO News calculated, using the numbers from the leaked contract:

Spotify paid the label $2688 to the label, per million streams and just to Summer $512

Apple Music paid the label $4704, and Summer received just $896

Google Play Music paid the label $4620, and Summer received just $880

Deezer paid the label $3662, and Summer received just $697

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