Suicide Squad Joel Kinneman (Rick Flag) Accused Of Raping Black Beauty! (Details)

Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman is under investigation in Sweden for the alleged rape of a beautiful Black model, MTO News has confirmed. According to reports, the actor ‘s accuser handed over to police in Sweden “evidence” of an alleged sexual – and they are  currently “investigating” the superhero actor.

Here’s what went down. Last week, Joel filed a restraining order against the model -Gabriella Magnusson, accusing her of threats and extortion. He claimed the model was allegedly attempting to extort money from him by threatening to distribute false information about him.

Joel admitted in the court docs that he had a fling with Gabriella back in 2018. The Suicide Squad star shared that the model is now claiming that the actor engaged in non-consensual sexual activity with her during their relationship.

The judge granted the temporary restraining order in Los Angeles.

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But Gabriella is now claiming that Joel’s restraining order was a legal ploy – to discredit her and her serious allegations against him. MTO News confirmed that Gabrielle, after learning of the restraining order took audio recordings and photo evidence to police. She claims the evidence prove that Joel sexually assaulted her.

MTO News learned that Gabriella is also claiming that she has been in contact with the NYPD, LAPD and Swedish police over the incident. 

And a spokesperson for Gabriella claims that she only went to the police with her complaint after she learned Joel had been granted the restraining order.

So far the NYPD and Los Angeles PD haven’t opened up an investigation on the actor – but the Swedish police have.

Virpi Alajarva, chamber prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skövde, released a statement Wednesday saying the rape investigation was in the ‘early stages’

‘Further investigation is needed before it is possible to have an idea of what may have happened,’ the prosecutor said.

‘At the moment, the criminal classification is rape.’

The prosecutor did not name Kinnaman but Swedish outlets Aftonbladet and Expressen identified him as the suspect.

Gabriella Magnusson is a Swedish-Jamaican model best known as Bella Davis. She has been associated with 3D Model Agency, Tier1 Model Management and Koala Models Agency.

She has a significant following on social media with more than 130K followers on Instagram. According to her Instagram bio, Magnusson is also the CEO of 48 Entertainment, a talent management company.

She has previously appeared on Project Runway. She is a brand ambassador for Swedish fashion and design studio, the Bon Echo collective. She is also the founder of an upcoming financial services company, Lanistar.

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