Suge Knight Claims Jay-Z Was Taped Up, Gagged & Robbed In L.A.

An old interview of Suge Knight has surfaced of him claiming that Jay-Z was once tied up, gagged, and robbed during a visit to L.A. 

“The only thing I know about Jay-Z is that he came to L.A. a few times, and Snoop and Dre told him that, ‘When you on the west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothing,'” said Knight in the clip. 

“Next thing I know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.” 

The interviewer, Carson Daly asked if he knew who did that to Jay-Z but Suge says he hadn’t met Jay at the time. “Who knows. The thing about it, I think Jay-Z’s a great guy because he’s great at what he do.”

In December, Wack 100 responded to Suge Knight’s claims that Wack is to blame for his lengthy prison sentence.


“For the record, Wack is not the reason why you got 28 years. That’s not the reason. You f*cked up the deal that Wack had for you. Out of the kindness of my heart, I went and did that. You f*cked that up, so your legal money left. It was never coming from me directly. Only thing I did out my pocket was pay for his mother’s funeral. May god rest her soul. That’s what I did,” Wack said at the time.

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