Subway Shooter Targeted BLACK Women: 1st Victim Was Black . . . Mad At Kamala & Katanji


There’s new evidence coming out of yesterday’s horrible NYC subway shooting, that the shooter have been targeting BLACK WOMEN!

MTO News spoke with a family member of one of the victims. And according to that family member, a black woman was the FIRST person to be shot by the subway shooter.

The family member explained to MTO News, “[The victim] was the first person shot when that terrorist pulled a gun and started shooting. I think he was targeting her.”

The first victim reported to be shot, MTO News has confirmed is a Black woman. She suffered a gunshot wound, but God was with her, and she is expected to survive.


Police describe the subway shooter as a Black man. And have offered a reward for information that could lead to the arrest of a man named Frank James, 62. Police say that Frank remains on the run on Wednesday morning 24 hours after the deadly shooting.

But what would cause a Black man to open fire on a Subway train, and target Black women? Well Frank posted a series of disturbing videos onto Youtube. And in one video in particular – he BLASTED Black women, especially Vice President Kamala Harris and the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Katanji Jackson.

After listening to his long rambling video, MTO News believes that his anger towards those two extremely successful Black woman comes from a place of jealousy, insecurity, self-hatred, and mental illness. He also is deeply disturbed that both Kamala and Ketanji are married to White men.

Listen to one of his videos, where he makes veiled threats towards Black women:

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