Stripper Beaten & Raped After Flashing Money On Onlyfans! (Graphic)


A Baton Rouge dancer was robbed, beaten, and raped, after she bragged about having money on her Onlyfans page, MTO News has learned.

The dancer, who goes by the name HotGirlMinnie, claims that she had just finished posting a video on Onlyfans – when a group of thugs burst into her home, beat her up, robbed and raped her.

She explains how the team of attackers got to her home. She says, “[A woman knocked] on my door and said her name was Brittany she was wit 2 other dudes>”

Minnie said she turned the group away, telling them they had the wrong apartment. But the gang came back the following morning.

Minnie told fans, “[My] door was kicked in ) I was taped down 2 times (mouth and body) hit in the head with a gun, a red fire extinguisher and CHOKED until I passed out on the floor & WokeUp in pee and I also got raped.”

She then offered a warning to all strippers or Onlyfans workers, “THIS IS NOT A GAME ! If u Plan on stripping please get some protection & don’t post y’all money . I HAD TO BEG FOR MY LIFE MULTIPLE TIMES “

Here is video of the aftermath:

And here’s a picture of the stripper pole, wrapped in duct tape:

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