Steve Harvey Says DL Hughley Will BEAT UP Kanye West: “We From An Ass-Whoopin’ Era”

Steve Harvey is giving Kanye West a warning – stay away from DL Hughley, or else.

MTO News reported that for the past week there’s been an uproar on social media as Kanye West has been targeting his fellow entertainers who criticize his behavior. Daily Show host Trevor Noah caught heat from Kanye when he shared his opinions about the ongoing public drama between West and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, which Noah deemed to be “terrifying” harassment. 

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Comedian and radio host D.L. Hughley also called out West, accusing the rap mogul of stalking his ex while the world watched.

Kanye didn’t appreciate the comments and shared several social media posts insulting them both, as well as a few more aimed at Pete Davidson. He referred to Hughley as a “has been” and insinuated he wasn’t all that funny. The exchange didn’t go unnoticed by Steve Harvey.

While on The Steve Harvey Morning Show this week, Harvey addressed the social media conflict between West and Hughley and offered a bit of advice for the rapper. West wrote on social media that he can “afford to hurt” Hughley, and neither Harvey or Hughley has taken the threat lightly.

“Look, man, c’mon dog. Pull up, man. It ain’t what you want,” Harvey said on his show. “If yall do get to scrappin’, all my cash on DL. We from an ass-whoopin’ era. DL ain’t ya problem. Don’t go out there against that man’s family.” West has reportedly been suspended from his Instagram account after Meta disciplined him for bullying, harassment, and hate speech.

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