Steve Harvey Says ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stole His Show Idea

Steve Harvey has accused America’s Got Talent of stealing his idea.

“In the ’90s, I created a show on the WB called Steve Harvey’s Big Time,” he told the Earn Your Leisure podcast. “Do you know what Steve Harvey’s Big Time was? Because they didn’t believe me when I told them, ‘Y’all oughta take showtime and put it on mainstream TV, instead of having me come on here at 1 o’clock in the morning.'”

The comedian continued, “So I said, ‘Well let me give them a version of it.’ Along comes a show called America’s Got Talent, and you know what America’s Got Talent is?”


“Shows come from all over the world, different acts, and they’ve got three judges, and they’ve got a star. Well, guess what? That’s my IP! That’s my concept. That’s my whole thought, but I ain’t have no business for it.”

Harvey says they hired all of his show producers and went ahead with the show.

Did they do him dirty?

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